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May 23, 2018

Have you ever tried growing tomatillos? Often used as part of salsa or Mexican cuisine, this relative of the cape gooseberry is a popular fruit. But what are tomatillos, really?

The Mexican husk tomato, sometimes called jamberry but more commonly called tomatillo, is a strange little plant. Its fruit grows within a natural papery lantern-like husk. Once ripe, the husk splits open and the fruit of your labor is ready to use.

While most tomatillo varieties have origins in Mexico, these fruits are common throughout the Americas in the wild. There are two species, Physalis ixocarpa and Physalis philadelphica, but there’s many cultivars.

The greenish or purple tomatillo fruit is used in an ever-increasing number of dishes, not to mention the salsa verde we all love. Let’s talk about all of the requirements for growing tomatillos so that you can enjoy them yourself!

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