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Jul 19, 2018

 Grown either as a loquat tree or a shrub, this fruiting plant is an interesting one. A relative of the rose, Eriobotrya japonica makes small fruits which taste like a blend of peaches, citrus and mango, and some describe it as having a honey note.

But most people have never tasted it and know virtually nothing about this unusual fruit or the lushly-tropical tree it grows on!

I’m going to fix that right now, because loquats are delicious, nutritious, and quite fun to grow if you’re in the right climate to do it. The evergreen tree is a beautiful ornamental species, but when you add on the perk of having fresh fruit, it’s definitely worth growing!

Learn More: Loquat Tree: How To Grow Tiny, Tangy And Uncommon Asian Fruits

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