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Oct 15, 2018

 Do you like to make your indoor space look like a veritable jungle? If so, you’ll need to grow monstera deliciosa. This giant-leaved climbing plant can really liven up your living room.

Indoor specimens often grow to 4-5 feet in height. Those which grow in their native rainforest environments can often get to ten feet or more!

These plants themselves aren’t edible, and in fact they’re poisonous. But they produce a fruit called the monster fruit which is edible when ripe. Don’t bite into an unripe one, though! These fruits are full of oxalic acid when unripe and can irritate your throat!

With a scientific name that literally means “delicious monster”, you can’t go wrong. This unusual plant will bring lots of tropical color to your living space!

Learn More: Monstera Deliciosa: Growing Delicious Monsters At Home

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