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Epic Gardening: Daily Growing Tips and Advice

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Jun 18, 2021

If you've never grown in your front-yard before, listen to today's show. Both Craig and I are front-yard gardeners and the benefits are immense. Craig's house is even subject to HOA rules and he's been able to grow without any issues.

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Jun 17, 2021

Today we're talking about an awesome dwarf tomato breeding program that Craig started and has grown to

500 volunteers around the country and world!

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Jun 16, 2021

We're back again with Craig LeHoullier, author of Epic Tomatoes and all-around tomato pro!

He's grown over 3,500 varieties of tomatoes over the years, so I figured I'd ask him what his favorites were!

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Jun 15, 2021

In today's episode, we're welcoming Craig LeHoullier, the NC Tomatoman! He's a long-time tomato grower, having been the first to grow and name the Cherokee purple tomato in 1990! Today we'll talk about the difference between heirloom and hybrid tomatoes. Enjoy!

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Jun 7, 2021

Meg Cowden finishes out the week with some of her favorite varieties of fall crops...add some to your list this season!

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Meg Cowden is the founder of Seed to Fork, a Zone 4a/b gardener who’s all about zone-bending, season extending, and succession planting. She’s got a book coming out soon...