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The Beet: A Podcast For Plant Lovers

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Jul 31, 2023

This week we welcome Charles Dowding, the godfather of the no dig method! There is no one better to give us the scoop on no dig. In this method, you don’t disturb the soil as much as possible, add mulch on top to stop the weeds, and feed the soil with organic matter.

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Jul 28, 2023

Deep red and purple produce like berries, can be a powerful part of our nutrition that can help protect our cells from cancer.

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Jul 27, 2023

Our daily lives can be stressful. With work and other stressors, our brains work very hard day in and day out. While we are in the garden, we are able to have a “soft fascination” which helps restore our ability to pay attention.

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Jul 26, 2023

You are what you eat and you are what you breathe in. Humans are mostly microbial beings, it is very important that we are mindful about what beneficial organisms we surround ourselves with.

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Jul 25, 2023

Colors are powerful! Dr. Ross Cameron discusses including plants in your garden that have a positive effect on your mood. What is fascinating about this is, there is a rule of thumbs for which colors evoke which emotions. However, your personal experiences can override the norm!

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