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The Beet: A Podcast For Plant Lovers

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Oct 31, 2023

There are so many new ways to engage with nature through technology these days. From bird apps, to sky viewing apps, you don’t have to disconnect on camping trips anymore. In fact, you may find yourself even more locked in with your natural surroundings.

Oct 30, 2023

How does one become a naturalist? It starts with a love of nature, and investment in what nature has to offer to humanity. Rachael Tancock is one such naturalist based in Canada, and her affinity with the natural world has allowed her to witness some amazing sights. 

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Oct 27, 2023

There are so many ways to get into gardening. Josh put his hands in soil when he wanted to cultivate local food sustainably. Through the local community garden, he gets a sense of what it’s like to grow in small spaces. He also has a testing ground for multiple gardening techniques.

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Oct 26, 2023

Josh started growing his own food as a busy chef with two small kids in 2010. Through cycles of trial and error, he managed to find the best ways and plants to grow in his garden. Through a lens of steady growth, he set deep roots that help him expand with stability. 

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Oct 25, 2023

The answer to which watering technique is best really depends on the context in which a garden grows. The types of plants and the stage of their life cycle matters too. Regardless of which method you choose, understanding the act of watering is essential to understanding the garden as a whole.

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